Breaking from WCME News 9: Brunswick Cop Arrested by Feds

Breaking from WCME News 9: Brunswick Cop Arrested by Feds

A Brunswick police officer residing in Bath has been arrested and charged in federal court in Portland with attempting to transfer photos of his genitals to a minor. 25-year-old Garrett Brosnan has been placed on administrative leave by Brunswick police pending an internal investigation, and is said to have sent the photos to an individual he believed to be a 14-year-old girl, but who was actually to an undercover agent.

Federal authorities apparently began an investigation of Brosnan after the parents of a teenaged girl in Arizona complained to police that a person online had sent their daughter obscene material. After the execution of search warrants, Brosnan was identified as a suspect.

In May, an agent created an online identity posing as a different girl and contacted Brosnan. And after a series of exchanges, Brosnan is said to have twice sent pictures to the undercover agents.

Brosnan will make an initial court appearance in Portland today and faces a maximum penalty of ten years in prison and a fine of a quarter million dollars.

Brunswick police chief Richard Rizzo holds a news conference at 3 this afternoon.