Caleb Manuel Turns Pro

Caleb Manuel Turns Pro

This afternoon in Brunswick–the first day–a very large day–in a new life for Topsham’s 22-year-old Caleb Manuel.

A new life as a professsional golfer–an announcement made with his father, RSU-1 School Superintentendent Patrick Manuel and other family members looking on.

A new life on the heels of an enviable career as an amateur, having played in the 2022 U-S Open and having won three consecutive Maine Amateur championships.

Manuel, who is a graduate of Mt. Ararat High School, is also now a graduate of the University of Georgia. There, and previously at the University of Connecticut, he competed in several NCAA championships.

Manuel also paid tribute today to Ina Kim-Schaad, a mental performance coach, who he says helped him deal with the mental pressures of golf, and helped him to “feel a lot more comfortable out there on the golf course in front of a lot of people.”

You may hear Caleb’s remarks in full here:–> Photo credit: New England Golf Journal