Midcoast News April 9, 2015

Midcoast News April 9, 2015

The Winter That Won’t Leave

The calendar says spring, but there is a wintry look to the Midcoast today in the aftermath of the arrival of up to two inches of new snow. No significant problems as a result, but there was enough snow and slush to result in speed limits being reduced on the entire length of the Maine Turnpike for several hours.

The School Board Stands Pat

In Brunswick the school board is holding firm in its plans to cap school department costs for the upcoming high school graduation at ten thousand dollars, a move prompting students to engage in fundraising, so that they can stage a more elaborate event. Some students continue to believe that the board should provide them with more money, but board members are feeling pressured to limit funds by a tight financial situation being faced by the town.


Gun Talk At The Statehouse


In Augusta hundreds of people turned out to express various points of view on a bill that would eliminate the requirement for carrying a concealed handgun in Maine. If approved, it would make Maine one of only seven states allowing people to carry a concealed handgun with a permit. More than half of the legislature is already on record in support of the measure, but it is dividing the law enforcement community. State police have endorsed the measure at a legislative hearing however local police departments are opposing it.