Midcoast News May 4, 2015

Midcoast News May 4, 2015

Resistance to a Large Tax Hike

Brunswick town councilor John Richardson says he senses no appetite for a town tax rate hike of nearly five percent, which would be necessary if the council were to fund both the school budget as approved last week by the school board and current projections for town and county expenditures. Richardson says there should be only a modest increase this year–a move that might help in building support in a year or two for a large bonding plan aimed at the repair of aging and decrepit school buildings.

The Danger of Warmer Weather

With temperatures heading into the 70s today, the National Weather Service is warning of the growing potential for forest and brush fires. If you are headed into wooded areas, you are asked to remain vigilant.


Online Education

State legislators are considering several options for offering online school resources to both students and teachers. Among those options–fee-based individual courses and even the creation of a state-wide online virtual school that would be open to all students for free. State representative Brian Hubbell of Bar Harbor, the sponsor of one of two virtual education bills, says there are a lot of districts in Maine too poor to provide a range of courses.


A Plea From LePage

As the governor continues his campaign for a constitutional amendment to eliminate the state’s income tax, he is urging all of us to contact our legislators and urge them to support his position. But he also says we should call our representatives even if we disagree with him. However, the governor says the elimination of the income tax is the largest wage increase that Mainers can receive.