Connor Horton on the WCME Midcoast Morning Buzz

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Jim Bleikamp here. It’s always a riveting experience to talk to someone who has spent moments of their life in armed combat, because that is so very far removed from my own reality.  And it’s an experience that becomes even more riveting when that person is gifted with the reflective power to link that experience to other major factors in this life.

And so it would be on today’s WCME Midcoast Morning Buzz.

Connor Horton, in the course of being deployed by the U-S Army to the civil war in Syria in 2016, found out early on that the war had been brought on in part by a drought traceable to climate change.

With that realization in mind, he serves today as business engagement manager for The Nature Conservancy-Maine at Fort Andross in Brunswick.

If you missed Connor’s story of war and much more, you may still catch it here.