Pat Colwell on the WCME Midcoast Morning Buzz

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Jim Bleikamp here. Can’t tell you what it was a pleasure to spend some time on the Friday WCME Midcoast Morning Buzz with a man so wonderfully wedded to the roots of American music.

Pat Colwell joined us to talk about a special event Saturday evening at Chocolate Church in Bath, in which he will play a role—Pat and other Maine musicians will recreate some stuff of legend–the final concert in 1976 of The Band, which began in the 60s in Canada, drifted southward into the states and became Bob Dylan’s back-up band.

Later the Band carved out a unique 60s musical niche–blending the rock and blues of the era with traditional folk influences dating as far back as the Civil War.

And in their final concert, they were joined by the likes of Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Joan Baez and others. Martin Scorsese liked it so much he made it into a movie.

Here is Pat Colwell, on today’s Buzz, with his take on one of the Band’s best.