Ram Moves On

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Jim Bleikamp here.

We are periodically reminded by wise people that later on in this life and after this life ends, we may not be remembered so much for what we did, as much as how we made those around us FEEL.

If that’s the case, and I believe it is, then Jeff Ramich may score even more points than his highly successful teams did, during Jeff’s standout tenure as Brunswick High School’s athletic director.

Jeff mastered the art of caring so well for so many in his orbit. No doubt a huge factor in the success of the athletes and teams he mentored.

I have no doubt that Jeff will be a standout again as Assistant Principal at Cony Middle School in Augusta–his newly announced adventure.

But oh, how we will miss him in Brunswick.

Our WCME sports voice Mike Violette said it so well today. If you missed it, hear it here.