RSU 5 School Superintendent Becky Foley and School Board Member Maddy Vertanten

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FIRST from WCME News:

In this year of living distantly, there remains a high degree of concern about how schools are coping with the pandemic. In Freeport, some members of the RSU 5 School Board are complaining that Superintendent Becky Foley and other administrators are rushing the reopening of Freeport High School to five-day-a-week in-classroom instruction, but they aren’t standing in the way of the planned April 5th reopening date. Foley defends her plans on several fronts, and notes that a hybrid learning model does not guarantee the health and safety of students. Foley adds that even some remote learners have contracted COVID-19.

If you missed their remarks on today’s WCME Midcoast Morning Buzz, here they are again–first Becky Foley and then School Board member Maddy Vertenten, who believes the reopening should be delayed.