Sarah Brayman on the Battle of the Brunswick Budget

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Jim Bleikamp here. Ok, no one is really yet engaged in battle over the budget in Brunswick. But putting a budget together in financially-challenged Brunswick is an ordeal that already has the feel of battle.

Sorry that I’m later than planned in posting this–it’s been a busy day. Sarah is of course the chair of the Brunswick town council. I enjoyed talking with Sarah this morning. I’ve been observing her for several years, and one need not agree with her on everything to form the view that she’s consistently sincere and quite caring about the town.  About as pure of motive as any politician I’ve ever met.

I like the fact that when I ask her a question that she doesn’t wish to answer, she usually tells me directly that she’s not going to answer–she doesn’t pretend to answer and doesn’t.

Perhaps if I get some coffee brewin’ in the morning, she’ll come more often.  Coffee can be a powerful lure.