State Representative Art Bell on his Popular Vote Bill

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America’s electoral college system is unique in the developed world, in allowing presidential candidates to win the office without also winning the popular vote, and the system has become more controversial since January 6, 2021 when Donald Trump and his supporters attempted to use the electoral college process to overturn the results and hold onto the presidency.
With this in mind, lawmakers in Maine are considering joining a proposed work-around, in the form of a bill from the man heard here–State Representative Art Bell of Yarmouth–which would award Maine’s four electoral college votes to the presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote, although it won’t be taking effect in time for this year’s election.

It’s a proposal aimed at reducing the influence of a few key battleground states and ensuring that the candidate who secures the most total votes nationwide wins the office.
If enough states agree to do the same, the popular vote winner also would be the electoral college winner.
If you missed the interview on the WCME Midcoast Morning Buzz, you may here it here.