The Sound Bite of the Year

About This Project

Jim Bleikamp here.

Every day-every month-every year at WCME we air a multitude of local voices–it’s a big part of what we do.  Some of them come to the Midcoast Morning Buzz at our studio at Fort Andross in downtown Brunswick and are heard live.

Many others are recorded all over the Midcoast.

Such as Sheldon Tepler, an attorney and a member of the Beth Israel Jewish congregation in Bath, who delivered some stop-in-your-track remarks and reflections on Sunday November 4 at Library Park at a community gathering  attended by about 500 people a week after the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, where 11 people lost their lives.

Sheldon’s remarks are full of insight, reflection, confession AND humor.

Every day, I have the good fortune to talk to many very bright and engaging people.

But no one moved me more this year than Sheldon Tepler.