WCME News 9 Interview: Attorney David Webbert, Representing The Former Student Suing The School Department

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It appears that there could be a settlement soon in a long-running lawsuit brought by a former Brunswick junior high school student, now 17 years old, who says he was physically and sexually assaulted at the school by fellow students.

A settlement conference has now been held in the case by a federal magistrate and more talks are set for this coming Wednesday.

In June of 2014, the Maine Human Rights Commission voted to uphold an investigators report substantiating the complaints and has joined the lawsuit as a plaintiff–in hopes of ensuring that Brunswick has in place effective measures to prevent a hostile education environment. The suit names the Brunswick School Department, the town of Brunswick, and Brunswick Junior High School Principal Walter Wallace as defendants.

The former student is represented by Brunswick attorney David Webbert–interviewed at length last year on WCME’s Midcoast Morning Buzz.