WCME Midcoast News January 19

WCME Midcoast News January 19

King Day


It’s a day that’s being observed in a variety of ways on the Midcoast. Some are working, some have the day off, for some it’s a day of remembrance, and for some it’s a day of service. It’s a day that’s being observed not once but twice at Bowdoin College, where King gave a major speech on May 6, 1954. This morning, the college is hosting a children’s celebration of King Day with music, storytelling and crafts. Tonight there will be a concert featuring the noted singer/songwriter and activist Toshi Reagon.


Trying to Even the Playing Field


A citizens group is hoping to restore some teeth to the state’s struggling public finance elections law by providing so-called “clean election” candidates with more campaign cash–allowing them to better compete with publicly-financed opponents. Later this week Maine Citizens for Clean Elections plans to deliver about 80 thousand signatures to the secretary of state’s office, with the goal of placing its proposal on a state-wide ballot.


A Notable Passing


A prominent former member of the Mane legislature has died. Joseph Brannigan was a Portland Democrat and a former Roman Catholic priest who served for more than three decades. Brannigan was a passionate advocate for the homeless and mentally ill.