WCME Midcoast News January 5, 2014

WCME Midcoast News January 5, 2014

A Sub-Zero Week


First snow–then wind and cold. The National Weather Service expects falling temperatures today with a low of 15 coming late this afternoon, along with wind gusts up to 35 miles a hour, producing a wind chill of as low as -2. Tonight may be the coldest night of the cold weather season so far, with wind chills down to -16. We may not see even freezing temperatures for another week on the Midcoast.


Brayman’s The One


Veteran Brunswick seventh district councilor Sarah Brayman, the council’s current vice-chair, appears to have the votes needed to be elected council chair for the new year, when the council holds its organizational meeting tonight. Brayman was recently re-elected without opposition and has had long-term involvement in town affairs, beginning as a community activist. She’ll take over a council divided on some key issues.


Talking Again


Fairpoint Communications and the unions representing striking workers in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire have been face-to-face again–resuming negotiations in Washington under the supervision of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. But a federally imposed news blackout is stopping both sides from commenting and releasing information, even on the length of a new bargaining session.