WCME Midcoast News May 21, 2015

WCME Midcoast News May 21, 2015

A High-Decibel Rally in Bath

A lively midday union rally outside the Bath Iron Works shipyard in Bath. Workers wearing black t-shirts emblazoned with the words “we will strike.” The word “dictator” was tossed around quite a bit, and there was a larger-than-life “anti-union rat” on display–a frequent feature of labor rallies around the nation. Union members are miffed that the company is planning on outsourcing certain work now being performed in-house.

Another boost for BIW

As the company faces fire from its largest union, it also secures an 11 million dollar so-called “contract modification” to work on the maintenance system of littoral combat ships–smaller and more agile than destroyers.

Tax Hike in Topsham

Town meeting voters approve an annual budget plan calling for total appropriations of almost 9.3 million dollars and a tax hike expected to stand at nearly 6 percent –if the board of the SAD 75 school district, as expected, approves a cut to its budget that will relief the district of charter school costs.