WCME News 9 for the Midcoast-December 23

WCME News 9 for the Midcoast-December 23

Weather Concern

Even at a time of moderation in the weather, there are worries. A coastal flood advisory is posted by the National Weather Service between 11 and 1 today, and some morning snow has prompted a reduction in the speed limit on the Maine Turnpike to 45 miles an hour  between Exit 53 in Falmouth and the end of the pike at Exit 109 in Augusta. But no significant snow accumulation is expected as a warming trend continues on the Midcoast, with an expected high tomorrow of 45 and a high of 52 on Christmas.

Tuition Waiver

It’s ultimately a small but in no way insignificant response to a tragedy. Bowdoin College will waive tuition and will provide full financial aid for Justin Ramos, a sophomore whose father was one of the New York City police officers killed on Saturday in Brooklyn. A Bowdoin spokesman says the school is eager to welcome Justin back to campus for the start of the second semester in January or whenever he chooses to return, and says the school will do everything it can to support him.

The Natural Gas Debate Rolls On


Supporters of an expansion of New England’s natural gas pipelines are pointing to a preliminary report from Massachusetts as evidence that the region needs more natural gas to reduce energy costs. That report suggests that energy costs in Massachusetts will rise without an increase in natural gas supplies. But opponents of expanding pipeline infrastructure note that the report is focused on Massachusetts, and say it is too limited in its geography to influence the regional conversation.


A Push For Disclosure


In a 4-1 vote, the Maine Ethics Commission says that campaign groups enlisting government agencies or their employees for political activity should have to disclose that participation in campaign finance filings, and commissioners will advocate for such a disclosure in a bill they plan to file for the upcoming legislative session. The move comes in the wake of a referendum campaign in which the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife advocated aggressively against a ban on bear baiting using traps and dogs, and even spent 31 thousand dollars of its own funds to defeat the ban.