A Watson Surprise

About This Project

David Watson is Brunswick’s longest-serving town councilor, the only one who wears what we might call a definitive “conservative” label and for that reason and others, he connects with a like-minded group of people in town–not small in size–who have a bond with Watson that they may not find with others in power.

Watson is old-school–East Brunswick (not downtown, not Mere Point), he’s a veteran and he’s American Legion, he did 35 years as a Brunswick cop, and you’ll often spot him with a tie emblazoned with a flag. An American one to be sure.

Based on all this, you might assume that he has about as much sway at the Brunswick town council as Frank Sinatra might have if were to return to this life at a punk-rock festival.

Not exactly.

Watson finds ways to remain relevant in the midst of an ever-evolving progressive mosaic. He moves toward lower-decibel stuff–yet stuff that still matters–like the old track becoming new again at the high school.

And he just can’t wait to see work begin on the shiny new Veterans Plaza at the town mall.

Not one to feel the rope of resentment.

And Watson sometimes surprises us.

As on Monday evening, when–at a moment of some rancor in town between the new guard and some in the old guard on the matter of refugees flowing into town, Watson spoke up.

In the midst of an uncertain hour.

In a way that beckons skeptics and cynics to take a new look.

In a way  against division.

In a way toward a path to a new home for weary travelers…dark of skin…in the Great White North.

A town moment instead of a tribal one.

And maybe…just maybe…..A new Mayflower moment.

You can hear David Watson here: