Abdi Iftin–From Mogadishu to Freeport

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Jim Bleikamp here. Next time when I am prone to complain that my life is overly chaotic, I will think of Abdi Iftin–my guest today on the WCME Midcoast Morning Buzz, who was born 34 years ago in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia in the Horn of Africa—only to see his homeland devolve into civil war when he was only five years old. He would eventually tell the story of the Somalian civil war for National Public Radio, he would escape the Somalian chaos first in Kenya, and then in Maine, where he has lived for the past five years–he now resides in Freeport.

Abdi is about to become a U-S citizen and at a moment of new refugee arrivals in Brunswick, Abdi told his story on today’s WCME Midcoast Morning Buzz.